Residential Electricity

Electricity deregulation has opened the markets to competitive electricity supply. This means each homeowner can now choose a residential electricity supplier. You don’t have to stick with the rate the large utility companies give you if rates continue to rise. Fabiano Energy works with Massachusetts and Rhode Island electricity customers and can offer price plans for both the short and long-term.

By providing us a recent copy of your electric bill – from either Eversource or, National Grid – we then contact multiple suppliers for the best pricing. We are able to provide a pricing analysis and recommendations for your energy needs. Power from the same electricity grid is still delivered from the local utility company directly to your home. Your local utility company still maintains the wires and still provides service if necessary.

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Here are some great tips to lower your energy costs:


  • Purchase Energy Star-qualified appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, dryers, and washers.
  • Set the appliances to their energy-saving settings. Set refrigerators to 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Bypass options such as a dishwasher’s drying cycle by turning off the machine to let the load air dry. Hand dry dishes.

Electric Water Heaters

  • Place an insulating jacket or blanket around the electric water heater.
  • Set a bottom board underneath the heater as insulation to reduce heat loss and save water-heating energy.
  • Set the water heater’s thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the risk of overheating the wiring.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

  • Lighting accounts for around 10% of your monthly electric bill. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs is a great way to save. This action alone can reduce your electric bill by a few dollars each month.
  • Take advantage of natural light. Installing skylights, for example, sheds tons of natural light into your home and removes the expense of using light bulbs.
  • Turn off the lights every time you leave a room, even if you’re planning to return in a few minutes. The less lighting you use, the lower your electric bill will be.
  • Reduce wattage for permanent fixtures. If you always keep a particular light turned on (e.g. basement stairs), use the lowest possible wattage. For example, replacing a 100-watt bulb with a 15-watt bulb can lower your electric bill by about $5 a month.

Day and Night Practices

  • Open the drapes and shades and let the sun in. This will help keep the house warmer in the cold winter months.
  • Close drapes and shades at sunset. Insulating drapes or shades are great in the winter for keeping the house warm and toasty.
  • Set the thermostat to 55 degrees Fahrenheit at night during winter in cold climates.
  • Turn off your home’s computers, televisions, entertainment systems, and power bars at night when you are not utilizing them. Do this for all battery chargers, such as those for cell phones and video game consoles, as well.
  • Turn off all the lights.

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